Proton Iriz 2022 And Persona 2022: 6 Tech Upgrades You Need To Know


The year 2022 is still 5 months away from now, but that doesn’t stop the country’s leading vehicle manufacturer, Proton from launching their new model. Two Proton cars have been given a 2022 touch, namely the Proton Iriz 2022 and the Proton Persona 2022. Both of these cars are not all-new cars, instead they offer a bit of a refresh on the design with some advanced features added. Proton is also presenting new colors with higher comfort and safety for both these models.




More interestingly, Proton added some very interesting technological upgrades in the latest model. Here are 6 things about the new technology available in Proton Iriz 2022 and Persona 2022 are:


1. 8 ″ Floating Touch Screen

Our most exciting new addition is a floating 8-inch touchscreen similar to the Saga 2020, replacing the 7-inch screen installed into a regular radio chamber. The center console of the dashboard has also been redesigned with the air conditioning compartment now located below the screen. This screen can display a variety of information such as the latest weather, GPS navigation, and applications such as Joox music streaming. It also supports connection to a smartphone by duplicating the device’s screen to a large display in the car. The display also features a rear camera which is available for all models, except the Standard model. However, the state -of -the -art functions, namely 4G mobile lines and WiFi for online streaming and GPS navigation, are only available on the highest Active and Premium models. For the Standard Proton Iriz 2022 and Persona 2022 models, Proton has installed standard audio players only. From the picture above, you can see that it does not have audio controls on the steering wheel.


2. Voice Control Instructions

On previous 7-inch screen models, voice commands could only be used for music control, navigation and weather forecasting. The latest version now allows you to control more using voice. Just like on the Proton X70, users can use the “Hi Proton” function to control things like air conditioning and power windows. This provides an added convenience that allows the driver to keep his hands on the steering wheel. However, this voice control command function is only available on the Proton Iriz 2022 Active and Persona Premium models.


3. Air Conditioning Control With Digital Display

Compared to the traditional analog dial, Proton is now changing the air conditioning controller to a digital design similar to the Proton X50. But it is actually still manually controlled, meaning there is no automatic climate control, where the user can set it to the desired temperature. This new air conditioning digital control board is available on all Proton Iriz 2022 and Persona 2022 models, including the Standard model.


4. A Total Of 6 USB Ports

Consumers who need their device’s battery fully powered all the time in the car will definitely love this latest addition. Proton now equips the Proton Iriz 2022 and Persona 2022 with 6 USB ports in the car. On the front, a total of 3 USB-A ports are available on the air conditioning control panel, with 1 port for data and another 2 for power only. The rear passenger is given 2 USB-A ports, located in the middle of the front. Another USB-A port is located on the front, at the top near the rear-view mirror. It can be used to power a "dashcam" camera that is often installed under the rearview mirror. This is very convenient as the user no longer has to pull a long cable to connect it to the power under the radio.


5. LED Headlights

The 2022 model this time comes with LED headlights and supports automatic on/off function, as well as "follow me home". However, this LED light is only available in the highest models, namely the Proton Iriz 2022 Active and Persona Premium. For other models, it still uses halogen lights. However, LED daytime running lamps (DRL) are still available for all models, except the Standard model.





6. Minimum 4 Airbags As Standard

To increase the level of safety, Proton now no longer installs only 2 airbags. For the Persona and Proton Iriz 2022, it comes with 4 front and side airbags on the Standard model. Higher models Iriz Executive and Active, fitted with 6 airbags. But in the Persona 2022, only the Premium model comes with 6 airbags. The Executive model is still fitted with 4 airbags only. But this is still a big upgrade considering that previously the Persona only had 2 airbags for models other than the Premium. Based on the features available on the new car model from Proton, our business partner, kereta sewa Subang Jaya, has ordered several units to equip themselves to face the beginning of 2022. It is hoped that this new car will be able to attract customers and so on.