Proton Introduces Iriz 2022, Persona Version 2022


Proton Holdings Bhd (PROTON) introduced the new Proton Iriz 2022 and Persona 2022 models which offer the latest design with updated features. The new edition Proton Iriz 2022 comes in three variants, namely Iriz 1.3L Standard CVT, Iriz 1.6L Executive CVT and Iriz 1.6L Active CVT which are offered at a price of RM40,300 to RM56,800 per unit. For the Persona 2022, three variants are available, namely the Persona 1.6L Standard CVT, Persona 1.6L Executive CVT and Persona 1.6L Premium CVT at prices starting from RM45,200.




Proton Edar Chief Executive Officer, Roslan Abdullah, said the latest model also gives a touch of new colors as well as more comfort and safety features. The Proton Iriz 2021/2022 and Persona have been the consumer's choice since it was introduced. Therefore, the changes introduced take into account consumer tastes. The design changes as well as the addition of a new‘ Active ’model for the Iriz enhance its appeal, while changes to the interior and infotainment system will provide better comfort and connectivity while maintaining the driving experience. The Proton Iriz 2022 and Persona 2022 can now be ordered at," he said in a statement.


The exterior changes made on these two models start with a new design bumper and ‘Infinite Weave’ pattern grille as well as a streamlined ‘Ethereal Bow’. For the Proton Iriz 2022, it is given a new profile and is featured in red while the Persona is given a touch of chrome to further highlight the latest PROTON logo.


Appearances for all 2022 models also include LED headlights that have an automatic close and open function. The design also features 16 -inch alloy wheels, a black roof and even new combination rear lights. The new colors introduced are ‘Citric Orange’ and ‘Passion Red’ for Iriz while ‘Space Gray’ for Persona. The most notable change to the interior of the Proton Iriz 2022 and Persona 2022 is the addition of an eight -inch floating infotainment unit with voice command functionality. Placed at the top of the center panel for easy access, the infotainment unit is matched with new vents as well as air conditioning controls with a digital display as well as an N95 air filter. Usability features are enhanced with a new center console that provides armrests and storage space that is now easier to use.